When did the latest variation of 360° technology originate?

In about 2010, Google introduced its latest Google Maps enhancement with 360° virtual tours, adding a whole new level of quality and easy guidance never seen before.

We and a billion others use "Google Maps Street View" when we need directions. "Business View" is the name Google has given for the same technology inside a business. These tours not only help people; they provide the businesses enhanced opportunities to be seen in Google Search as well as Google+.

Google holds its photographers to high quality standards, and trains and tests its select photographers. Barry Carroll of Exclaimit!, Inc., was chosen for this program and after training, passed and achieved the designation of "Certified Google Photographer."

After many requests regarding providing this technology outside of Google for such things as parties and real estate, Barry Carroll through additional testing and training began to offer this to friends and eventually the real estate community right here at www.View360RealEstate.com.

How can this 360° technology be used in selling a property?

1) Properties — View360RealEstate.com provides full walking tours through a house or commercial property from the front door, through every room and in the back and side yards or areas. It is especially stunning for water properties. Prospects can walk online along a sea wall, around a pond; whatever path you want someone to see. This includes viewing the ceiling and the floor and every inch of the property too.

2) Rentals — We provide a singular 360° turn in a room or rooms or the full 360° virtual tour.

3) Enhancements — We can provide narration be heard as people walk through a property at any point in the tour; we can provide video inside the virtual tour.

4) Candidates — We work with agents, brokers and people selling their homes on their own. If if you have an agent, you can still call us direct to expand your market through this technology or request our service through your agent.

Why should we add 360° technology to our real estate presentations?

Like any new technology, time will tell if this new standard will accelearate sales and find buyers from a further distance. Trulia and such websites were initially seen as a threat to the real estate industry. Today, it is a standard.

We believe this technology will become the standard based on the fact it is superior to any other form of understanding the features of a property and it empowers the buyer (a trend that continues to grow as a result of social media). 360° technology can be shared in the same way as any other video or slideshow.

The largest advantage, we believe, is to prospective buyers outside the area. With this technology, these busyers can clearly understand a property like never before. This should save time for realtors and give more confidence to buyers.

The Real virtual tour saves time for buyers and for agents. Buyers can look at many homes on their own time, have a certain understanding of the layout and look of the house; the agent can be more judicious with their and the clients' time by giving the buyer an opportunity to know for certain the benefits of the house without being "sold."

Like most technology, there are those out front; and those that lag behind. As more and more home buyers understand the capability; they will come to demand it because it empowers them to control the buying process. Why not be out front and use this new technology to separate yourself from the competition?

10 years ago there wasn't Trulia and other real estate websites.

20 years ago websites were not common in selling real estate.

Where you an early adopter or a laggard?

First in market always has its advantages. Ask McDonalds, Hertz and Coke.

What does this service cost?

Your investiment varies based on size of property and features you would like to see in your 360° virtual tour. Features include photo enhancements, video embedded in the tour, a personal web address, monthly hosting, and embedding on a variety of local websites. Call and request our $397 Introductory Offer.


What payment types do you accept?

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal